Salman Khan lives in this luxury flat in Mumbai, see pictures inside the flat

You must have known Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and you would know that Salman Khan lives a luxury life.

Today we will show you the inside pictures of Salman Khan's flat, which you will be surprised to see.

In the living area of ​​Salman Khan, there is a big picture of Salman Khan and black and brown color sofas.

Salman Khan lives in the ground floor of this apartment which has living room, kitchen, dining area and balcony.

Salman's family has been living in this apartment since then. Ever since his father Salim Khan came to Mumbai.

This picture is of Salman Khan's balcony where Salman Khan is often seen meeting fans.

Salman Khan has also made a gym area in his flat so that he can stay fit all the time.

This is the second floor balcony of Salman Khan's flat where Salman Khan is often seen spending time with the family.