Oppo ColorOS 13 Hands-on review

Oppo stuck to its promise and unveiled its latest ColorOS 13 at an event today. As its name suggests, ColorOS 13 is based on Google's Android 13 under the hood.

Let's kick things off with the visual changes in ColorOS 13. There is a distinct shift in the overall look and feel of the UX. 

As one would expect, it is more refined, and this time around, Oppo has a whole new consistent visual style that permeates most parts of the UI. Oppo is calling it Aquamorphic design 

Always on display has some work done as well, both visually and functionally. In terms of functionality, there is a brand new currently playing widget.  

ColorOS 13 provides a few interesting custom bits of its own, like the Insight always-on display

The Control center has also been revamped. Toggles are easier to differentiate and operate. 

The Control center has a nifty new horizontal layout in ColorOS 13. 

We appreciate and enjoy the changes that are present in ColorOS 13 and believe you will too.