'Love Yourself':  Elon Musk's Newest 'Dad Joke' 

The world's most extravagant man Elon Musk has not posted kids about purchasing large corporates or a football crew today.

All things being equal, he has decided to impart an image to a vital directive for mankind one that they will unquestionably require if they don't come to Mars in the course of their life "love yourself", with the assistance of an on-brand father joke.

To commute home the message of confidence, the image shows The Stone embracing a stone to himself.

Musk is by all accounts in his Instagram life mentor time. His stuck tweet as of now is an image perusing "Hello you, no doubt you, Ruler. You will make it."

One more Stone is by all accounts helping Musk's comedic profession take off.

A visual planner at Dogecoin Establishment shared a video cut from Musk's SNL discourse, to which Musk answered with the data.

Much obliged, Chris! I will make an effort not to fumble excessively," Musk tweeted, labeling Rock.