Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2022: Top 10 GK Questions and Answers on Lord Krishna

As the devotees of Lord Krishna prepare to celebrate Janmashtami 2022, we are here with 10 questions and answers on the life of Krishna. The series of questions include his childhood events, and his role in Mahabharata, among others.

a) Brahma  b) Shiva c) Ganesha d) Vishnu

1. Krishna is the avatar of which Lord?

a) Nanda Devi b) Girnar c) Govardhan d) mandar Hill

2. What was the name of the mountain lifted by Lord Krishna on one finger?

a) Birth b) Killing of Kansa c) Marriage d) Death and ascension

3. Janmashtami is celebrated every year to celebrate which aspect of Lord Krishna’s life?

a) Nakula b) Bhim c) Arjuna d) Sahadeva

4. In the epic poem Mahabharata, whose charioteer was Lord Krishna for the Kurukshetra war?

a) Gopi Lila b) Ras Lila c) Ram Lila d) Krishna Lila

5. What was the name of the dance that Krishna used to play with Gopis?

a) Bhadrapad b) Sawan c) Asadha d) Chaitra

6. As per the Hindu Calendar, in which month Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated?

a) Mathura b) Vrindavan c) Dwarka d) Hastinapur

7. What is the name of Lord Krishna’s Kingdom?

a) Cave b) Hill c) Temple d) Prison

8. In which place Lord Krishna was born?

a) Glow b) Dark c) Charm d) Light

9. What is the meaning of name Krishna?

a) Kheer-Jalebi b) Halwa-Puri c) Dahi-Makhan d) Laddu-Modak

10. Which of the following is the most favourite food of Lord Krishna?

Answer: 1)-d/2)-c 3)-a/4)-c 5)-b/6)-a 7)-c/8)-d 9)-b/10)-c

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all!