Elon Musk's ‘this’ question leaves internet confused

Elon Musk on Tuesday tweeted a question that left Twitter users scratching their heads.

He has received criticism over his leadership style on the social-media platform Twitter.

“Wait, if I Tweet does that count as work?" was what Musk tweeted about him.

Social media users were astonished by the paradoxical nature of the question.

The reactions were mixed, with some opining that yes, as he is leading the platform, he should spend time on the platform as much as possible.

While some cautioning that he also has other ventures and rather than wasting time on Twitter, he should focus on them.

Food delivery aggregator, Zomato also reacted to the tweet and said that his tweets count as work for them.

“if you tweet that counts as work for us bro," Zomato said in the comment of Musk's tweet.

The question from Elon Musk came amid a claim by Twitter that the platform is witnessing an all-time high of users.