Apple iPhone 14 series to launch tomorrow: What Apple may and may not launch on September 7

Apple iPhone 14 Pro is supposed to highlight a lot greater camera lodging contrasted with the iPhone 13 Pro cell phones.

A new alleged transparent back cover of the iPhone 14 Pro has been leaked on Naver blog website posted by “yeux1122”.In the image posted on the blog post, a transparent back cover can be seen with iPhone 13 Pro inside it. 

The case is supposed to be for the impending iPhone 14 Pro cell phone.

The picture plainly shows that the camera cut out working on it is somewhat greater contrasted with the iPhone 13 Pro's camera lodging.

In the first place, save the backdrop posted by Ian Zelbo on TwitterNow set it as backdrop on your smartphoneNow flip around your telephone to encounter the new pill molded poke hole plan.

"Presently I can say with almost 100% certainty that the iPhone 14 Case colors you saw in past tweets will be true. iPhone 14 Max will likely just be called Plus".

Apple iPhone 14 series might bring back the "In addition to" model to iPhones. Reports propose that rather than 'Max', Apple might return to the 'In addition to' naming show last utilized in 2017 with iPhone 8 series.